How to Know It’s Time to Quit Your Law Job

I watched Khe Hy’s video on 5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job. He goes over 5 signs and a 7-point checklist for a perfect job.

The 5 signs to consider are:

  1. Non-negotiables
  2. True cost of success
  3. Who gets your best energy
  4. Are you numbing yourself?
  5. Going through motions

Do I have non-negotiables that are being violated? No, I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I’m not so sure. Probably being left alone instead of being micromanaged or criticized all the time. I’m pretty independent at my job.

I’ve mentioned the true cost of success: Do I want the successful version of my career? Do I want to become partner? I’m still wrestling with this question. It’ll probably depend on my life situation when it’s time to cross the bridge.

It’s true that work is mentally taxing and saps my energy. It gets 90% of my time and energy, while 10% goes to leisure and my side business that makes 80% of my day job. I want to give my best energy to my (hypothetical) partner and family. The balance is off right now, but I’m compelled to increase my income. The golden handcuff is real.

Am I numbing myself? I’d say my body has done a fine job of that. Less interest in dating, less interest in entertainment, less interest in socializing.

Am I going through the motions? I don’t think so. I’m always looking to make myself DO more and be more EFFICIENT. At least my brain is still active.

My job meets about half of these signs (3rd, 4th, possibly 2nd). Not great but not bad.

So now what? Khe also gives the 7 attributes of a perfect job:

  1. Financial security
  2. Status and identity
  3. Flexibility
  4. Impact and meaning
  5. Learning
  6. Craftsmanship
  7. Socialization

To help us use this framework, this is his homework:

  1. Write down how much money you (or your family) need to lead a sustainable life
  2. Write down two need-to-haves
  3. Draw a line, and rank the remaining four nice-to-haves

Now “you can be much more intentional and strategic about finding your next job, so hopefully, you’ll never have to quit again.”

Here’s my answer:

  1. My current FIRE goal is $2.1 million. I would want at least $60k a year for sustainable living costs.
  2. My needs are flexibility and craftsmanship.
  3. I rank the rest in this order: status, impact, learning, and socialization.

My current job has all attributes except impact and meaning. Sounds great. It’s just that I’m fucking tired. It meets the 3rd sign to quit your job.

Is that a big enough pebble? Is it a sign to quit the job or simply CHANGE how I work? My supervisors are always telling me to take a vacation.






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