How Being a Lawyer Affects Your Confidence Level

In casual conversation, I caught myself saying something to the effect of “you may be able to…”

Being an attorney means CYA (covering your ass) and saying things like “and/or” or “likely” or “appears to” and all these weasel words that give you an out should someone call you out on it (which never happens…but just in case it “goes to court”).

But it’s our job to consider the worst case. Is it any wonder that lawyers are pessimists with the highest rate of suicide?

Your soul dying from working at a law firm is one thing…

But automatically defaulting to language that reduces your words to weasel language?

On one hand, I think it’s good to be humble with your words. On the other, it’s kind of depressing to have to catch yourself talking like this. And it’s not compelling to normal people. (This was originally written as “it may not be compelling.” Gosh!)

If I stopped being a lawyer, would I become more confident in my statements?






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